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Listed below are comments from other balloon artists in regards to his sculptures.

Once again Mark Verge shows why he's one of the best! Great job!!!

Absolutely incredible! This is balloon twisting/art at it's finest.

Mark, your work never ceases to amaze me. You're extremely talented

Only you would create something larger than life! This is fantastic!

The design, not to mention the scale and proportion are perfect. So cool! Keep on creating, you're a true inspiration to us all.

Mark, Thanks for sharing your work! Everything you do is so inspiring!

Mark, it is obvious you love what you do. Just wanted you to know that we love what you do as well!

Mark, You are always a BIG inspiration to us.

Keep up the good work, Mark. I enjoy seeing the designs that you come up with

Your creativity really shines. Thanks for sharing your neat ideas.

"Inspiring" is just not a good enough description. Nor is "magnificent", "wonderful" or "the best balloon sculpture I've ever seen."

Another excellent job! This is a super motorcycle. Contrats on a great sculpture.

I just love your larger-than-life stuff, Mark.

Your work is so precise, such clean lines, your work is beyond adjectives in my vocabulary...

Don't you get tired of making amazing, fantastic, wonderful, creative, original balloon creations? Your uniqueness is getting tiresome!

I wish I had the vision to do a large sculpture like this. This blows me away.

I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting and working with Mark. He is one of the most unique minds in this business. This T-Rex and his other designs are evidence to this. If you ever have the opportunity to learn from this master (Balloon Manor 2007?), you won't be disappointed.

This is awesome. We still talk about your triceratops from Twist & Shout and I always have to pull the picture up on my laptop because nobody believes us. Maybe a brachisaurus next??

Wow, I'm so amazed by your dinosaurs skeletal designs, I'm speechless!

I loved your T-Rex but what really impressed me was when we were talking and you were telling about all the things you had learned while researching before you started! It was sad to see it come down but when you folder him the same way a real dino would have done in death - I will never forget that. Thanks for a lot of good info, a really wonderful experience, and a fantastic memory! Hugs to you, Mark!

I don't think you could get much more realistic than that!! WOW!

I think this is the best picture of the T.Rex mark it shows just how in proportion everything is, truly fantastic sculpture. And congratulations at T&S can't wait for the pictures of the next one, at least Canada is big enough to fit it in congratulations

Very Awesome! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

having build a couple of these I know what it takes and doing it blindfolded is incredible, the idea is great and the outcome is too, great job, no surprise coming from you

This is fantastic! Mark...keep it up...!

Mark...you are amazing

Mark this is excellent work as always. Great Job.

That is absolutely insane.

That is a terrific design Mark congratulations


Great Idea! Awesome Work!

I'm amazed by all your recent postings. Incredible work!

Mark, like always your work is awesome. Keep up the good work.

That is amazing. Great attention to detail.

Your work is always so inspiring, but also intimidating! You are incredible!

Simply fantastic! As always, you produce the most impressive creations.

Stunning Chopper! This is the best I've EVER SEEN!!!

Wow! Mark, that is totally awesome!

You do an amazing job, keep up the good work!

Wow, what a great design! Thank you!

You have the greatest ideas. Thanks for sharing your work

Hey Mark, These bikes are great you are the man!!!

Mark you are awesome

Mark, these are fantastic

Totally awesome and very impressive!

This is definitely one of my favorites! So Cute.

Truly outstanding!

Mark, amazing as always! you blow me away...

This is the best full size horse balloon sculpture I have ever seen! Way to go!

Mark--I look at this and I just grin. It's terrific. I never would have thought to make something that takes up so three-dimensional space, but it works magnificently!

I saw this in balloon magic magazine a while ago but had no idea you could climb into it! One of the coolest pieces ever.


Very Clever!! Nice Job!

When he was contracted to build a balloon display for the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). He put out a comment sheet to see what people thought of sculptures and this is just a fraction of the 2100 comments people wrote:

Never seen anything like this.

What an imagination. Very creative talent. Weíve visited you display 3 times it was very entertaining. Excellent work.

Come to the Ex every year and look forward to your awesome display.

This is the greatest thing that theyíve ever had at the CNE... EVER

This is an exquisite piece of art!!!

This is the most unique thing Iíve ever seen.

Unbelievable, I never knew balloons could be so real

this sculpture is amazing, I never knew you could do so much with balloons.

this is probably one of the coolest things Iíve ever seen!

Great, saw you on City TV this morning.

Fabulous -such talent! thanks for sharing, this is what makes the CNE so cool!

Who ever made this is a genius!

Beautiful - so clever - amazing to think these are all balloons!

One of the funniest exhibits Iíve seen

How do you know how to do this! Itís very inspiring, I had no idea when I walked in that there was such a cool type of art!

Amazing, have never seen anything like this before. Keep up the good work!!

Made my morning, excellent !

It is very impressive & shows exceptional talent & imagination.

I love it the people look real.

Great Job. Must have taken a long time.

Best ballooning Iíve ever seen! AWESOME!

We were very impressed.

At first sight , I didnít even know they were balloons!!

Itís amazing! I love the horses

Your display is great! You have one very special talent!

Awesome Job. Did not know you could do so much with these type of balloons.

The entire sculpture is amazing! Great Work! Excellent!

I love the motorcycle!

You are great! I love everything especially the faces of the people.


It looked so real itís so inspiring, what talent.

Wow! Excellent work.

The motorcycle-wow! Awesome

The motorcycle-Amazing!

Amazing! A kids delight (& adults)

WOW! Your work is great!

Fantastic!!! Amazing!

Mr. Verge, your work is amazing! Itís all wonderful

I canít choose which one I like best!! Think you are positively gifted at what you do. Fantastic,Bravo! All the best.

This is the greatest thing Iíve ever seen in my entire life.

You are very talented! I donít know how you do it but it looks great.

The exhibit is beautiful, very colorful and creative. Itís gorgeous!

Out of this world.


I like everything you are a good artist!

The balloon art is amazing. I love it!

We love you Jungle Jack!

I really like everything.

Wow!! I wish I brought my camera

Itís amazing

I like the dress the best!!

Awesome stuff- will call to reserve you!

They are all spectacular



Excellent work, Very Amazing

The motorcycle is the best!!

All great! I canít pick a favorite!!

very very cool!!

Creative, all excellent!

The motorcycle is amazing!!

All of them are beautifully done.

Wow!! what an artistic expression using balloons.



Awesome!! All of them.

All of them are Beautifully done.

Very impressive! Never seen anything like this!


Absolutely amazing!

Amazing, Very good job, Impressive, Thanks for the show.

It was great, you have such talent.


The sculptures look so real! Nice Job!!

All the peopleís faces are amazing

Love it all!

I love every thing youíve done; you really have talent

You did an amazing job! The tree looks so detailed, itís my favorite.

My favorite was the Motorcycle!!

Awesome, what a talent!!

All of them!! But the tree with the monkeys make me laugh the most!

I love all of them Wow!! Truly an artist.

Itís incredible!

Excellent Job Jungle Jack

I thought that the balloon art was very creative. It was an excellent piece of art work.

You are amazing very nice & creative.

Very, very impressive.

I think that you have an amazing Talent!

The race car is my favorite, but I like them all!

I think it is really creative and beautiful.

Amazing & unique, awesome job!

I love your work, your awesome! Very creative


Great, It is very creative! I think itís fabulous!

They are really cool, our favorite is hot air balloon.

I would have to say we are very impressed with what you have been able to do with balloons

Very impressive balloon art!

My favorite is the tree! My daughter loves the flowers


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